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Joshua H. Watts

Salt Lake City, UT 84106 
(209-747-8023) | [email protected]

Education and Training:

  • BA Film and Media Art with Game Dev emphasis
    •   University of Utah’s EAE program (2015 - 2019)
  • Internships at SparkXR, Nascent Games, and NHU Games
  • Received a Game and Web Design certificate from Lincoln Technical Academy in 2014


Technical Skills:

  • Game Engines: Unity (5 years), Unreal (<1 year), MultiMedia Fusion 2 (2 years),
    Construct 2 (4 years)
  • Art Tools: Modo (5 years), MagicaVoxel (1 year), Houdini (1 year)
  • Programming Languages: C#(5 years), Python (<1 year)
  • Others: Adobe Suite(6 years), WordPress(<1 year)


Work Experience:

  • Technical Artist/Programmer at SparkXR (2018 - Ongoing, still on call for post dev bugs)
    • Optimized code and art assets (brought some areas from 10fps to 120fps)
    • Programmed gameplay, events, tools, and AI
    • Created, rigged, textured, and animated models for VR
    • Created procedural art system for terrain
    • Wrote custom shaders, optimized pre-written shaders, and worked on lighting
    • Game Design, Rapid Prototyping, and Endless Bug Fixing
  • Internship at Nascent Games and NHU Games (2015 / 2016)
    • Nascent Games: 3D Artist
    • NHU Games: Pixel Artist/Animator
  • Door to Door Sales at Sunrun (2015 - 2016)
    • Developed Communication Skills, Learned Time Management, Kept up with a quota, Discovered and Utilized new sales locations, Handled customer files
  • Cellar Rat at Upstream/Watts Winery in Lodi, CA (Family Business)
    • Events, Wine Making, Bottling, Inventory, Delivery, Cleanup, Landscaping, etc.


Other Experience:

  • Hosted Game Dev Events
    • Started and Hosted the Shovel Jam events, game jams focused on creating, marketing, and publishing a game as quickly as possible. 
      • 4 events total, 3 publishing jams and one legal talk
      • Published Three games through these events on PC and Google Play
      • Organized people from a variety of roles towards one goal
      • Obtained sponsorship from large organizations such as Google and IGDA
    • Hosted Global Game Jam 2019 and broke the record for Game Jam registration in Utah
    • Hosted the second largest Global Game Jam 2018 in Utah
  • Game Shows and Awards
    • Showed Sift Through at Day of the Devs 2017
    • Voyage(a Gear VR game) won the Dean’s award at Salt Lake Community College’s Art Showcase 2016
    • Scarab won Best of Class at Sacramento City College’s End of Year Showcase 2015


References Available upon Request.